Oil less vacuum pumps

It is time for the industry to embrace oil less vacuum pumps.

Having operated in the vacuum sector for over a decade, Service Air offers vacuum systems Oil Less.

The reasons why the market should head in this direction are to:

  • Increase energy efficiency, also through the use of the inverter
  • Reduce maintenance related costs compared to traditional oil lubricated or dry running vacuum pumps
  • minimise the risks of damage caused by potential oil contamination should this spill on the production line and subsequently on the products

When customers decide to invest on a new plant, they should make sure risks and future maintenance costs are low and that the equipment that they choose allows them to save energy.

With the … Service Air can guarantee no risks of oil contamination, cheaper maintenance costs and to cut energy related costs by at least 35%.

Another important aspect of Service Air’s offer is the extended warranty package available through the CONTRACT Plus maintenance scheme.

 The key to succeed while saving energy, protecting the environment and reducing manufacturing costs is relying on vacuum experts.

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